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The Pearlfactory Bead Embroidery and Resin

Bead Embroidery Necklaces and Jewellery 

Handmade jewelry, handbags and accessories made of resin and bead embroidery.
Its own design, unusual materials and high-quality accessories characterize this jewelry.
Here you can buy unique pieces of jewelry, accessories, handbags and decoration, which are something very special.

The artist has already received two awards for these extraordinary ideas and their implementation.
2015, Dortex Design Award with the 2nd place in silver
2017, with the worldwide known # FORM2017 Award of the Frankfurt Fair

Resin Jewelry and Decorations

I want to make jewellery and necklaces that exist only once in the world and that are not ready-made. For people who are worth it and love individuality.
It is important to me that my necklaces and handbags polarize. That the viewer deals with it and develops his own opinion.
Often I would like to make a statement with my jewellery, like a painter would like to do with his picture. I want to paint pictures with them.

So I also like to use materials that other people wouldn't even consider as jewellery, such as nuts and screws, bones, doll heads, glass eyes, branches and twigs, stones and snails, motherboards and much more.
In addition, I also create recycled jewelry from worn out or broken jewelry and watch parts, crown corks, cans and whatever else accumulates and can be processed.

As main technique for the jewellery production I use the Bead Embroidery - or also pearl embroidery. Pearls and the materials mentioned above are embroidered on a fabric base. With this technique the imagination has almost no limits and you can even work in 3D.

As winner of the #FORM2017 Contest and the 2nd place of the Dortex Design Award 2015, in the category "Textile Art", I was confirmed that it pays to stay true to your ideals and to go your way unswervingly. That despite the very special design, there are still people who appreciate art.
Since the buying mentality of people is unfortunately increasingly being steered by the media into a corner that makes it almost impossible for artists to make a living from their work, this confirmation was very important for me.

Again and again I like to explain the difference between a cheap work produced in mass and on an assembly line and a work that gets character and value from an idea, from a sketch, from the meticulous selection of materials and the elaborate production by hand.

In each of my jewellery pieces there are several days to weeks of work, which cannot be said of the offers of well-known retail chains.
I live for the unusual and like to pass it on.

Thank you very much for visiting The Pearlfactory.