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Bead Art

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Beaded jewelry and accessories

Anyone who thinks that real jewellery is only made of precious metals and gemstones is very much mistaken. Necklaces and ladies' handbags embroidered with pearls and made of all kinds of materials have characterized true individuality since the beginning of mankind.
If you want to express something special, set yourself in scene or make a statement, The Pearlfactory Bead Embroidery jewellery and bags are the right choice.
An own design, unusual materials and high-quality accessories distinguish my work.

Among other things, I use glass, pearls and wood for the necklaces. But also bone, insects and metal. At you buy unusual Bead Embroidery unique pieces, which are something very special.
For these unusual ideas and their successful implementation I have been awarded several times as an artist.

2015, Dortex Design Award, 2nd place
2017, #FORM2017 Award of the Frankfurt Fair
2018; International Bead Award, IBA2018, 2nd place

Selected designs of mine, to touch and buy directly, are also available in the shop "Märchenfach", in Dresdens Neustadt.
The selection there changes monthly.

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Jewellery from Resin

With my resin jewellery I want to create something that exists only once in this world and that is not "off the shelf".
For people who are worth it and love individuality.
Resin is a synthetic resin, more precisely - a two-component epoxy resin. This means that the possibilities for the production of necklaces, home decoration and art are almost unlimited. 

Almost anything can be poured into the resin to make jewellery, everyday objects or accessories. So I like to use insects and snails, metal of all kinds, plants or photos. From resin I also create most of the materials I use for the Bead Embroidery Jewellery.
I like to take orders and realize them as far as I can.

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Production of decorative jewellery and memorials 

On request I will be happy to create extraordinary commemorative jewellery for you. 
Did you just have your baby? 
Or had to let a beloved pet go over the Rainbow Bridge?
In memory of the wonderful time you had together, I can make you breast milk jewellery and animal hair jewellery made of synthetic resin. 
Photos, hair or teeth can also be cast in memorials, for example.
In this way I can also preserve important data, e.g. your pet. These can then be used as necklace pendants and address tags for dogs and cats.

If you are interested, simply use the contact form on the website, or contact The Pearlfactory eMail address.