Breast milk, animal hair and hair in resin

Commissioned work for jewellery and decoration in resin 

Here you will find sample articles for the preservation of animal hair, hair, teeth, breast milk or blood.
In addition, photos, name and many other memorabilia can be cast in as jewellery or decoration.
Please note: Order by adding to shopping cart and confirming the order. On the page "Payment" you will find a field for remarks under the payment methods. In this field, please write your wishes for the order in detail. I will get back to you by email before work starts and we will discuss all further necessary steps.

Legal notice:

I would like to point out that resin may discolour, especially in combination with perfume, cream and sweat or strong sunlight. This does not constitute a defect and is no reason for complaint or return.
According to §312d Abs. 4 Nr. 1 BGB, the consumer has no right of revocation if he orders goods that have been produced according to customer specifications, i.e. according to his own specifications or preferences.
I point out to them that the article is completely new manufactured according to their specifications and due to their special wishes and special materials can not be resold by me to others.
Thus, according to §312d Abs.4 Nr.1 BGB, your right of withdrawal is void as soon as work on the piece of jewellery has begun.
A start of the work will only be made on advance payment, i.e. only after receipt of the price.

Gladly I make you on order jewelry of all kinds and from resin mother milk jewelry, or animal hair jewelry.
Explanation for resin jewellery
Resin jewellery can be made into any shape, which is already available here in the shop as an article.
Whether as necklace, bracelet, decoration, bag decoration, watch or key ring, almost everything is possible.
To immortalize a name, or a text of your choice, a transparent foil is written on and cast in resin by me. Just ask for the desired form via contact form.
The resin can be poured off clearly, or even colored.
You can also choose from a range of different glitter and mini sequins that can be added to it. Furthermore, all kinds of things can be poured in, such as hair, bones, ashes, shells, snails, moss, plants, nuts and bolts and much more, just specify what you would like to have in addition.
If you want, I can also cast a photo or picture as a piece of jewellery or bag/key chain in resin and thus make it durable for all time.

Explanation Breast milk jewelry and jewelry made of blood
It is also possible to pour in breast milk or blood (pictures below).
This requires at least 150 to 300 ml of breast milk or blood.
350 ml is better, because not every watering session is a success, and a sufficient supply of breast milk ensures that several watering sessions can be made.
In addition, not all breast milk has the same fat content. The less fat Mu.Mi. contains, the more of it is needed, because only the fat content can be used.

Please note that after some time brown spots can (but do not have to) appear in the poured breast milk. This happens due to tiny air inclusions that you would otherwise not see and can hardly be influenced. All resin parts with Mu.mi are worked and sealed by me very precisely to prevent this, but I cannot give a guarantee.
If the first casting cycle does not meet the requirements, a second casting cycle will be made, which remains free of charge for you.
If both (or more) waterings are faulty and not usable, your money will be refunded and the order will be cancelled.

Of course you can also have me make other types of jewellery in my other techniques according to your specifications.