Resin Jewellery and Accessories

Individual jewellery and home decoration made of resin

Resin has many possibilities.
Unusual jewelry is feasible and also unique home decoration.
Paperweights, necklaces and bracelets, but also finger rings, jewelry boxes and even eating accessories can be individually made by me.
A special offer is the production of mother's milk jewellery and animal hair jewellery as commemorative jewellery. Also human hair and blood are possible.

resin jewellery boy tray the pearlfactory
Resin jewelry can be made transparent or colored.
Almost anything can be made permanent with it. For example plants, animals, metal, photos, mother's milk and hair, even some food.
All fully hardened resin jewellery is completely food safe, dishwasher safe and can be used for food up to 90 degrees.
However, resin jewellery, decorations and accessories should never be exposed to the blazing sun for long periods, stored on hot hot plates or wetted with caustic acids and alkalis. This leads to irreparable damage.