Rice Grain, Resin Jewelry

Gladly, I finished you on order Resin rice grain jewelry as necklace, bracelet or earrings. However, it is also possible Bag jewelry or key chains.
Here a grain of rice is labeled and poured from me in Resin. (As shown below) either as the free ball / pearl, as another form, as drops or rectangular and more, in a glass vial / glass bottle or in a glass sphere.
The resin can I you drain clear or dyed.
In addition, you can choose from a range of different glitter and sequins Mini-select that can be added to the rice grain to. It can still all kinds of things are poured with how mussels, snails, moss, nuts and bolts and more, just with the request to specify what you would like to have it.

If you want it, I can pour a photo or picture as a piece of jewelry or bags / Keychain in Resin and thus preserve it for all time.
(see image)

Photo / Picture in Resin - Example

Grain of rice - font example
Example for Grain of Rise and Resin Jewellry

cast things
the rice grain
can also be poured detached                                                      Bottle great with fish, plant and gravel

Example with Resin and
clockwork Accessories

Examples of free forms and cast things

star sequins

heart sequins


Ultra-fine glitter

Glitter threads


sequins hearts, snowflakes, stars gold - silver


Gold leaf, silver leaf

dried flowers

Glass bottles, ampoules and glass beads